Big SkyThis wonderfully though provoking and inspiring document was shared by Daniel Cascardo – Fine Arts Design Professional.


We the creators of the global art community stand together in establishing a constitution of universal guidelines for the development and application of higher standards for quality, originality, creativity and value as professional artists.

Our work as creators will be valued according to these established guidelines, not for the individual person, but for the common good of all artists regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, or medium.

One: We creators are as unique in our works as we are in our own persons. We will respect each other as unique individuals with a creative style of our own, and build up one another as professionals.

Two: We realize that our work has value and we will not give it away. We will establish a monetary value in all negotiations. If we barter the value must be agreed upon by both parties.

Three: We shall unite as creators to support one another, educate, strengthen, and advocate awareness as a group.

Four: We will look for solutions and solve problems using our creative resources and professional networks.

Five: We will speak up against companies, charities, institutions, and individuals who treat or have treated artists unfairly.

Six: We shall be a force in our political and business arenas, learning about government art agencies,successful arts marketing and funding (ie % for the arts, tax exempt for artists, etc),and who the leaders are in our profession.

Seven: We shall be artists first and foremost and carry our titles with pride, respect, honor and purpose.

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Paint Warrior or Wuss?

iStock_000006012165SmallIf you’re faint hearted or inclined to be a wuss, this is your cue to go and lie down.

For the fearless Paint Warriors … throw down some large sheets of plastic and get ready to puddle, drip, pour, ooze.

Acrylic paints are versatile and easy to use.  This technique is one that allows gravity to move paint across your canvas.  Liberating, messy, fun – and no brush required!

Here are three tips to get you started :

*  Use a Colour Wheel to help you decide on your colours prior to starting and then.

* In order to allow your pants to flow freely, prime your canvas or buy one that has a tight weave.

*  Using less water will make your paints heavier and “slower” – which may be easier if this is your first time trying this.

May The Yarn Be With You

lion_squares-aug-09 005

While browsing creative sites on the internet I came across the blog of Melissa Langer – Owner of Pug Notes.   Totally enthralled by the photographs of knitted lions and elephants, I felt compelled to write about the Knit-A-Square Charity.  Visit Melissa’s blog to see the beautiful squares she has knitted in order to contribute to keeping the children in South Africa warm.

I was born and raised in South Africa and know first hand how many suffer from the afflictions of AIDS – how thousands of children are orphaned every year – and how often shelter is not available.  My consciousness is always elevated when I see what others are doing to make the world a kinder, gentler place for those less fortunate.  Looking at those bright, cheery squares brought such a smile to my face.

What an exciting way to give back and share our energy and artistic talents.   Visit the Knit-A-Square Charity website and join me in supporting this fabulous project.

Start knitting!!  I will be visiting South Africa at the end of September so mail me your squares and I commit to making sure they reach the Knit-A-Square organizers.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

May the Yarn be with you.

A World United Through Creativity.

UbuntuThis is part of the African Maiden collection and titled “Ubuntu”  –  this word has it’s origins in the Bantu language and is a traditional African concept used to emphasize the need for unity.

I loved this interview with the very creative and talented South African poet Lebo Mashile.  I think you’ll enjoy it as well 🙂  Click here to listen.

This got me thinking about the fact that our world is overflowing with artistic, creative, and talented people!   From the mischievous among us who create crop circles in the middle of the night, to the blokes that makes that neat little fold in the toilet paper to let you know they’ve enhanced your bottom line ….. we are all artists.  Truly!

As Eye See It….. It is difficult to categorize or define an “artist” so why not passionately pursue your day to day activities and at least loiter on the edge of being considered an artist.   Go on – up your creativity.

Regifting My Gift.

The painting, entitled “Hamba” – which is the Zulu word for “walk” or “go” – was the first in a larger collection which I named The African Maiden series.

Inspired by the diverse culture and beautiful proud women of South Africa, I am committed to channeling the proceeds from the sale of this series towards providing livestock, seeds, or training to a family struggling with hunger and poverty in Africa. The organization I use to facilitate this is Heifer International at

As Eye See It……Live consciously and lead a more passionate – and compassionate – life. It takes but one small gesture to change the life of another.

African Maiden Series “Hamba”


Hamba is the first in a series of paintings called “African Maiden Series” which reflect the lives of African women.